August 22, 2014

October 2010 Committee Meeting Minutes


Date: 8th October 2010

Present:         Mel Goodwin             Chair

                        Sue Higgins

                        Phil Tittensor

                        Christine Morley       Treasurer/Conference Organiser

                        Catherine Doherty

                        Walter Louden

                        Sarah Goodman

                        Esther Whitten



                        Siobhan Hannan



  1. Minutes of Executive Committee Meeting 24th March 2010


Read and agreed.



  1. Conference Feedback


Overall feedback was excellent, with many comments of ‘best Conference yet’.  Timing and formula were felt to work well.


We discussed whether we try a different location next time, although it is nice to go to a hotel we already know and know it’s layout.  Wallter will put a synopsis on to the website and Phil will put some feedback in to ESNA News.  Chris will feedback to Reelsound about some of the comments.  Overall we have £22,000 in the bank, which gives us a sufficient amount to consider other developments.



  1. Membership Payment


Sue says that this is all sorted!  There are about 240 members and Chris will tally up the membership list with payment after October.



  1. Website


Walter is going to speak to Colin about accessing the membership details, he has not been able to do this.  Danielle will send Walter the email about setting up the generic email account.


Sue will continue to up date the membership details on website.


We had some discussion about whether we have a ‘Chat Room’ or whether we try to link into Epilepsy Action and their email.  The requests for information they receive could perhaps link to our website.  Walter/Phil will discuss with Colin whether this is a possibility and then we would need to discuss with Epilepsy Action.

Brian was willing to give some sponsorship to the website and we will ask if he is still interested in doing this.  Action Mel.


Training/Resource Library – we felt it would be a very useful resource to have a training library on the website.  We need to ask Sue to send out a generic email to everyone asking for copies of protocols and job descriptions and talks, etc.  This could all be sent to Esther to collate.  We need to know that we have the correct contact details of Esther.  Action Sue/Esther.


We also felt that it would be beneficial for the Committee to have a laptop and a memory stick each, then we could take this to the committee meetings.  Esther was going to speak to her husband about the best one and advise Chris, so that she can purchase.  It was queried whether Danielle needed any training course for IT?


Epilepsia online.  Action Esther who will try and get this organised.  The plan is that it will go on to the members only part of the website with a count to see how it’s used and whether we then proceed and get any further online journals.  It was also suggested we try to link to some of the free journals and Catherine Doherty will discuss about the learning disability one and Chris will speak to Brian about links to the paediatric journal etc.


ESNA news online - we felt we would just use this to feedback from the committee meetings with anything current and this should be on the forum website so that anyone can access this and hopefully this may encourage people to join.  Consider whether to have a video clip linked to ESNA news as a trial? Action Phil.



  1. Newsletter/Magazine


Phil has articles for the next magazine and ideas for an editorial.



  1. Learning Disability Competencies


Catherine Doherty is working with Professor Irvine/Cambridge University on this competency and we should hopefully have these ready quite quickly.  ESNA will be credited.



  1. Prescribers Day


Mel discussed the annual UCB prescribing study day, which is in the planning stage and will hopefully go ahead next year.



  1. GSK


Mel also discussed that  GSK are coming back into the market and are keen to work with ESN’s to develop specialist nurse services.  Action Mel.








  1. Any Other Business


We decided that the next committee meetings would occur on:-


Friday February 4th 2011

Friday May 20th 2011

Friday September 9th 2011

Thursday December 1st 2011