January 1, 2012

IMPORTANT NEWS re epistatus syringe change


Midazolam Maleate Buccal Liquid (Epistatus®) - Syringes

In late December 2011 we made two modifications to the syringes in
our multidose pack in response to customer feedback. These
modifications were to make the syringes fully compliant with the
NPSA guidelines and to provide a plunger capable of measuring a
dose of 12.5mg & 15mg.

These modifications are as follows:

1) The syringes now have a non-luer tip, making them fully
compliant with the NPSA guidelines.
2) The markings on the lilac plunger have been extended to allow
measurement up to 1.5ml if required.

In response to recent customer feedback, we will be reverting back to
the 1ml (10mg) syringe plunger but retaining the fully NPSA
compliant barrels which will continue to have the non-luer tip. This
change will take place with the next batch.