London & Greater London Epilepsy Nurse Specialist (LENS) Group

Contact email



Christine Cole, Epilepsy Nurse Specialist, Harrow

Marie Synnott-wells, Epilepsy Specialist Nurse, St George’s Hospital, London

Dmitrij Peretz, Epilepsy Nurse Specialist, Kingston

Meeting dates 2021

Meeting dates:

20th May 2021

23rd September 2021

Terms of Reference:

The group exists to create a space for ESNs to learn together and from each other, sharing their experiences to support high quality patient care and service improvement.


• Provide an opportunity for epilepsy nurse specialists within London to support each other

• Meet 3 times a year to discuss areas relevant to practice• Share knowledge, share ideas and discuss problems

• Reduce isolation for nurses in secondary care and community practice settings• Invite relevant educational speakers 

• Each group member will, on a rotational basis, take responsibility for coordinating the agenda of the meeting with another member of the group providing summary notes

• Provide relevant opportunities for epilepsy nurse specialists to meet the requirements for NMC Nurse Revalidation and link activities to the NMC code of conduct


All epilepsy nurse specialists, adult, paediatric or learning disability, who work either in primary, secondary or tertiary care, located in London (or outskirts if appropriate). Students will be welcome too if applicable.

Three co-chairs will be identified to chair one meeting each per year. 

Two chairs currently identified.

Organisation of meetings:

Meeting dates will be set over a year in advance and communicated by outlook calendar invite. An update will be sent approximately a month before the meeting with all members expected to confirm or decline attendance. This is so that a minimum of 7 attendees can be secured for the meeting to be viable (in terms of organisation, speakers, catering cost etc). 

Frequency and duration of meetings: 

• 3 meetings per year (likely to be January, May and September)

• Meetings start at 10am and finish at 4pm 

• Central London venue

Agenda outline for meetings:

• Introductions

• Apologies

• Previous meeting summary notes

• Presentation (invited speakers in some cases)

• Case Presentations (2, 20 minutes for presentation, 20 mins for discussion. Template to be provided)

• Educational updates/Journal Club (courses attended and academic articles to share with the group)

• Area round-up's (report from each area on service developments)

• Future agenda item suggestions


• Confirmation of next meeting date, organiser and note taker

Terms of reference to be updated every two years

Minutes of previous meetings