December 30, 2018

Management of epilepsy in adults with intellectual disability (CR203 May 2017)

This report aims to clarify the role of the psychiatrist in ID in the management of epilepsy. The proposed tiered system of professional competency gives psychiatrists the option to identify their role in care provision and ensures a framework for training.

It provides a structure from which a competency evaluation can be developed. The vision should be for all psychiatrists working with people with ID to have training and certification to one of the three levels of competency (Bronze, Silver and Gold).

An Appendix is provided as a separate document, which includes a list and samples of currently used good practice tools relevant to people with ID and epilepsy, as well as a ‘frequently asked questions’ section on Epilepsy that would be of particular use to patients, families and carers.

Read the report here.

Read the Appendix here.