August 22, 2014

February 2011 Minutes of Committee meeting


Date: 4th February 2011

Present:         Mel Goodwin             Chair

                        Siobhan Hannan

                        Phil Tittensor

                        Christine Morley       Treasurer/Conference Organiser

                        Catherine Doherty

                        Walter Louden

                        Sarah Goodman

                        Esther Whitten


Apologies:     Sue Higgins



  1. Minutes of Executive Committee Meeting 8th October 2010


Read and agreed.


  1. Membership


Sue is finalising payment from ESNA members for their annual fee.  There are approximately 240 members now.


We thought it would be useful to record those nurses who are prescribers on the membership details.  We plan to email everyone to elicit this information.  Action Sue for website.


  1. Website


At present Walter is getting the generic emails to the website.  The plan is to get this set up on the new laptop and for Danielle to start doing this.  Walter can access the majority of the website, but there are a few things that he cannot change.  He is going to contact Colin to help him to do this.  There are other changes that need to occur so that there can be a direct link made to Epilepsia, which we have now subscribed to.  Action Esther/Walter.


We now have Epilepsia available online with back dated issues to 1995.  We are going to put in this into the membership part of the website with a password to ensure that members can start accessing this immediately.  Action Esther.


We hope to put a direct link once we have ironed out some of the website problems.


Esther will set up an email account for the website.  It was suggested that either Google or Hotmail should be used as the provider.  It was also suggested rather than get a dongle that we use wi fi if we are to link to the website from other areas.  We need to check that Danielle has this facility at home.  We need to remember if we save anything on Windows, it should be saved so that it is compatible to both the new and older versions of Windows.


We have now bought a laptop for the ESNA Executive Committee.


We need to put the Learning Disability Epilepsy Review magazine on to the website.   Catherine has already spoken to Dave Sidwick and will email the details to Esther, so she can sort out the link.  Action Catherine/Esther.


If Sue could send out an email proclaiming the availability of Epilepsia on the website.  If Sue could also send this to Epilepsy Action via the Sapphire network as well.  Action Sue.


Paediatric journal - Chris will speak to Brian about whether or not we could put this on the website.  She will also speak to Brian about whether or not he is willing to contribute to the website as discussed previously.  Action Chris.


We still need to explore the ideas around a notice board.


  1. Magazine


We made suggestions for the topics.  It was suggested Pamela Crawford – Vitamin K/one of the Irish girls for an update on pregnancy data/Ketogenic diet - Siobhan will discuss with her colleagues/Chris Hanson, she has recently finished her Masters dissertation. Action Mel to email to Phil and Phil to action requests.


  1. Newsletter


Phil will send out a Newsletter following this meeting around issues discussed.  He will liaise with Brian about putting the video in as a link.  We thought we could also then put the Conference videos on to a magazine link and then add to the website gradually.  Action Phil.


  1. UKERN


Phil updated.  There is going to be a plan for a Study for people to go and present their research ideas to get this critiqued.  This will be held on a University Campus and will be open to all.  The website went live a couple of weeks ago.  We should put a link on our website to this.  Action Walter.


  1. Learning Disability Competencies


Learning Disability Competencies are almost finished.  Catherine and Esther have been working with a number of others to finish these and link them to the KSF.  It was agreed that we would try to get these accredited by the JEC and all their sub groups e.g. Epilpsy Action.  There is a further meeting on Monday and once finalised the competencies will be sent to the Committee for comments and Esther will take to the JEC.  Action Catherine/Esther.


  1. Nurse Prescribing Study Day


UCB have pulled out of this due to finance issues.  We felt we should look at alternatives as everyone feels this is a really important study day.  Initially we are going to go back to UCB to see whether they would consider doing this on a reduced cost basis.  The other options we considered were to approach either Eisai or GSK.


If not we wondered whether or not ESNA could try to organise this perhaps bi -annually in the opposite year to the annual Conference.  We are going to look at a few costings for Conference Venues.  We would charge a nominal fee of approximately £30 and hold this over one day.  Action Mel.



  1. Locality Groups


The Scottish Group have now joined.  We need to put a link and find out who is the lead.  We need to sort a pack to send to them.  Action Mel.


  1. Any Other Business


Mel discussed a publication that has looked at different nursing models in chronic disease management and has forwarded a link to go on to the website.  Action Mel.


Library/Resource Centre – We looked at a number of talks/protocols/policies and will start collating these on to the website.  These are going to be ‘Read Only’ and will be a resource for members.  We need to approach Christine Coles -  swimming protocol and Cath Quealy for the VNS document.  Sarah is going to check with her daughter about the legal implications of putting this information on to our website.


We discussed psychology assessment scales and if anybody has an email address, could they forward so we could ask permission to put these on to the website.


GSK are coming back in to the market and are looking at setting up an initial study week for people that are new in post, bearing in mind that there are not many new posts coming through.  This may be extended to include more experienced nurses and consider issues such commissioning.  Hopefully they will support us to finalise the Adult Competencies as well.




Next Executive Committee meetings:-


Friday May 20th 2011

Friday September 9th 2011

Thursday December 1st 2011